Crota’s End Swordbearer

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Unable to pick up Swords

It’s caused by one of two things. Either a bad connection to the host of the game, or a decent one and you run through the sword too fast. You have to stop on it to pick it up

Disappearing Swords

That’s a bug but it’s easily reproducable. Don’t throw grenades near the swordbearer when he’s almost dead. Or rockets, or whatever. Explosions make things move, they move the sword inside terrain and it despawns. Same goes for shooting Cursed Thralls next to it. Nova Bomb despawned it once.

Getting the sword and up to Crota

If he’s a Hunter he should be stealthing to the sword anyway for efficiency. Pop Arc Blade and use Vanish to get to the sword With Shadowjack on it lasts long enough to get in position, call for DPS and jump up.

Swordbearer hiding

The trick is to use snipers and not rockets on him, that way you can stagger him so he can’t move. Also, AP snipers let you shoot him through the rocks, etc.

Swordbearer moving to the left staircase

He moves towards the side where people are, So if you’re in the Crystal Room and everyone isn’t in the middle he’ll run to the stairs on one side.

Aggroing the Swordbearer

Jumping and movement will cause him to aggro and move about, so it’s best to avoid it as much as you can when waiting.

After the sword guy hits Crota for the second half of each round, jump down to the ogre room, crouch go invisible and head to the main room. During Orgres, just remain in the room.

Dealing with Crota

If Crota is going down and your swordbearer is getting killed, that’s their fault and not yours, unless it’s boomers killing them. If it’s usually Crota coming up that’s killing him then the sword guy is being way too greedy. You need to be moving before he turns orange. Even then if Crota had started an attack or aggroed on the swordbearer before he went down, you need to be even faster than that.

Crota basically does a couple of things in response to being attacked. He looks at you, waits for a second or two, then wrecks you. If you jump up there with the sword and he looks at you, that means when he gets up he will immediately smash you. Whereas if you get up there and he’s aggroed on the people downing him you get an extra second or two to run before he reacts.

Shooting with a primary prior to downing

That softens his shield, although inconsistent damage causes all kinds of issues. I kinda prefer him having full shield, I call for rockets and then jump so that I reach him as they do. That way I can start hitting before Crota even goes down, occasionally even hitting his shield a couple of times myself

Downing Crota and hitting him with sword

Everyone fires 1 rocket and then hits him with primary to ensure his shields are down. Once he’s down make sure ammo is loaded for next round.

After ogres getting back to the Crystal Room

No jumping up the stairwell to get to center room. By hugging the left wall when running up the stairs the boomers won’t aggro. Just clear the Cursed Thrall prior to running up If you have a Titan they can drop a BoL at the door to ogre room before you all run up. Most important move together.