Persistent NFS mounts on OSX

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In our household we have 1 Mac attached to big storage that shares to all the other Macs in the house. Some are portables that come and go, others are desktops that get rebooted from time to time. The easiest method to ensure automatic reconnection is via NFS. Connections are automatically re-established when files are requested from them.

On the Mac with the big storage in /etc/exports:

/Volumes/Storage/itunes -ro -mapall=nobody

Sharing the library read only allows the other Macs access while the main Mac controls where files are put.

On each of the client Macs, set up automount.

In /etc/auto_master add:

/-                      auto_nfs        -nobrowse,nosuid

In /etc/auto_nfs add:

/../Volumes/itunes    -fstype=nfs,noowners,nolockd,noresvport,hard,bg,intr,ro,tcp,nfc nfs://