This is a catch all project for Ansible roles and playbooks that are small in nature but extremely useful, and can be run on multiple environments.


This project is being created to mitigate frustration when starting work in a new environment. The idea is these playbooks and roles are used to maintain various systems ranging from local workstations where full control is allowed, to remote servers on customer premises with only ssh access.



MetaCPAN is an open source search engine for the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN), an ever growing archive of code and documentation for the Perl programming language. This includes a comfortable web-based view and a first class mirror of the canonical CPAN content.

I am working with the MetaCPAN team on the OpenAPI implementation, and migrating the infrastructure to work with docker containers for both developers and deployment.

Mojo OpenAPI

This project serves as a starting point to implementing an OpenAPI based API application written with Mojolicious. It demonstrates the use of OpenAPI security definitions and JWT authentication with tests to ensure functionality.


Sometimes projects aren’t just put on the back burner, they’re entirely put on hold. For these times the shelf command sets a shelved uda allowing those tasks to be filtered out.



When David Wheeler put out the call for module adoption and found that Sqitch was on the list, I couldn’t let a tool that’s used in every single one of my work projects go by the wayside. I jumped at the chance to adopt, and I was not the only one.

Sqitch is used in my personal and work projects to be the soul source of truth in regards to database management. It helps to cleanly develop tests and execute tests, and ensure integrity.


A starting point for PostgREST based application to provide authentication via PostgreSQL tables, views and functions.



This is a simple ipscromp written in golang. I’m using this as a learning vessel and prototyping project. It’s been particularly helpful in these aspects but also providing me with a utility I need for managing the sackheads infrastructure.



Configuration for various tools (git, NeoVim, dzil, plenv, tmux) and command prompt. Was originally based on the Janus MacVim configuration but has since moved into my own style. I’ve also switched out the bash configuration for Oh-My-Zsh.

But that’s just in the master branch. I’ve since moved onto fish for it’s predictive commands, lighter weight, and ease of use. I found that a lot of the functionality that I was receiving from Oh-My-Zsh, fish had built right in.


LaunchBar Action for MetaCPAN

A LaunchBar Action to search MetaCPAN with auto completion. The Action is tested built and released with interactions between GitHub and Travis.

LaunchBar is an integral part of my computing environment, and being able to search for Perl Modules on MetaCPAN quickly helps my productivity.


A Hubot based bot designed for gamers by gamers. The implementation includes various modules for specific games, with a framework to add more.