Sometimes projects aren’t just put on the back burner, they’re entirely put on hold. For these times the shelf command sets a shelved uda allowing those tasks to be filtered out.


This project is being created to mitigate frustration when starting work in a new environment. The idea is these playbooks and roles are used to maintain various systems ranging from local workstations where full control is allowed, to remote servers on customer premises with only ssh access.


A Hubot based bot designed for gamers by gamers. The implementation includes various modules for specific games, with a framework to add more.


Configuration for various tools (git, NeoVim, dzil, plenv, tmux) and command prompt. Was originally based on the Janus MacVim configuration but has since moved into my own style. I’ve also switched out the bash configuration for Oh-My-Zsh.


A starting point for PostgREST based application to provide authentication via PostgreSQL tables, views and functions.