Fixup and Autosquash

Everyone makes mistakes while writing code. Correcting the mistakes should not impact the story of the code. This presentation is a brief overview of the git commit --fixup and git rebase -i --autosquash commands.

Presented at:

  • DC Baltimore Perl Workshop April 6, 2019


Docker Compose Explained

A quick walk through the advantages of using docker-compose over standalone docker commands, and how to convert a docker run command into a docker-compose.yaml file.

The presentation garnered a lot of discussion with the attendees which is available through the video.

Presented at:

  • Toronto Perl Mongers February 28, 2019

slides video

MetaCPAN, Mojolicious, and OpenAPI

Taking an existing established API and converting it to the OpenAPI standard. This talk is an introduction to OpenAPI and the methodologies and reasonings used when adding it to MetaCPAN.

Presented at:

  • Toronto Perl Mongers March 28, 2019

slides video

Divorcing System

This talk discusses the use of Carton and plenv to install application expected versions of perl and modules that doesn’t require root access nor replace the system installed version.

Presented at:

  • Toronto Perl Mongers June 28, 2018

slides video

Testing with PostgreSQL

Using the Test::PostgreSQL, App::Sqitch, DBIx::Class, and DBIx::ClassEasyFixture perl modules to build a testing environment that is dynamically created and destroyed with each execution. Test can be run both serial or parallel without impacting each other.

Includes code examples to introduce creating the environment.

NOTE This is a code heavy talk, and there are “eye charts”, reviewing the included source code is recommended.

Presented at:

  • Toronto Perl Mongers October 26, 2017

slides source code sorry, no video.