Hi. My name is Shawn Sorichetti, and I like to write code.

For almost 3 years I’ve been working as a Senior Software Architect with a consulting agency, providing custom development, building infrastructure, migrating tools, and automating data extraction. Solutions typically involve PostgreSQL, Docker, Prometheus, Zabbix, Perl and JavaScript.

Previously I was working with a SaaS company providing Data Analytics to Telecommunication companies. In the nine years I’ve spent here, my major responsibility has been, and still is, the development and maintenance of the company’s primary application. The existing version is based on stored procedures specific to the Data Warehouse, and retained and executed within the RDBMS. The new version however, designed and developed by myself, is a Java application that that uses template files to dynamically generate SQL statements specific to the RDBMS and execute them based on the customer data model.

As a part of development and maintenance of the legacy and replacement applications, I’ve lead projects including customer implementations, performance optimization with RDBMS vendors (Oracle, Netezza, Teradata), and provided UNIX support and performance optimizations to both co-workers and customers. I’ve also written many utilities, including web service to RDBMS interfaces, a dynamic table generator, and universal data exporter.

Prior to my joining the company, version control and testing were afterthoughts. I helped to implement these practices and make them the standard rather than the exception.

For the 12 years previous to this position, I worked in IBM as a Tools and Automation specialist. This involved system performance, availability and compliance management, as well as backup and recovery, including disaster planning and tests. Customers were highly visible, required high availablity, and included major retailers, banks and Government agencies. I participated, lead and resolved major incidents and outages, be they networking, power outages, or system failures.

I worked with local, cross country and international teams to build data centers, implement applications, ensure security compliance, and investigate and resolve problems and incidents. I designed and developed many applications including: automating user registration, billing, monitoring, system reporting, and testing.

Primarily my work has been in Perl, Java and SQL. I have also worked with JavaScript, Ruby, C#/.NET, NoSQL and dabbled with Groovy, Go and Elm.

In any organization I’ve been known as the “Go to guy”, the “one to get it done and done right”, and the “guy with the answers”.

Thank you.