It’s with great honour that I will be attending the Perl Toolchain Summit in Marlow England. Taking place from April 25 to 28.

Olaf, Leo and I have been discussing MetaCPAN infrastructure and with the work that’s been done in getting docker containers running for developers migrating that to running containers on the existing infrastructure.

Images will be maintained using the combination of GitHub, Travis, and Docker Hub as outlined in this blog post by Vaidik Kapoor on Medium.

The outlook is to move to an automated container management system (likely Nomad) at some point but for now just containerizing. This should help us better manage the application.

Being able to provision new hardware and maintain the existing environments with Ansible is also on my personal agenda. I’ve started some of the layout work already but haven’t pushed anything yet.

During meta::hack 3 I started working on the OpenAPI implementation for MetaCPAN. I’ve done more work on the API since then, but need to fix up some tests in order to deploy it. Being able to sit with the other MetaCPAN developers should help expedite this.

I’d like to thank the organizers of the event and the many sponsors for making this possible:, cPanel, MaxMind, FastMail, ZipRecruiter, Cogendo, Elastic, OpenCage Data, Perl Services, Zoopla, Archer Education, OpusVL, Oetiker+Partner, SureVoIP, YEF.